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Where it all began...

I like how he's a lefty!

Excellent work!

Truly compelling! This short film was happy, very funny, and sorrowful at the end. I loved seeing the hilarious things the protagonist did to make the Grunts happy. It was an emotional moment when the guards killed the protagonist fearing his gift, a stuffed teddy, might be a disguised explosive. They kill the protagonist without mercy and ripped open the stuffed teddy to reveal no bomb, only the teddy's insides and love. It made me cry how careless they were to this kind person who wanted nothing more than to make the world a happy place. The end lightened the mood though because there was a twist ending with a real bomb behind them, and Sheriff making reference to the "WHAT THE FU- *boom*" internet meme. Overall, I wish I could have given 6 stars. This was an amazing and dynamic experience condensed into 5 minutes. I wish I could experience it for the first time again. No other short film made me feel the same way this one did. This was a perfect film and deserves only perfect reviews. Keep making spectacular works of art such as this. In the end, we can all learn something from this short film.

Fuck all the people that gave you low reviews, you've crafted a masterpiece like no other! Keep on truckin' man!

I wanna see more of this, and then suddenly none of this ever again

Best thing I've ever seen

Best few minutes of my time ever spent

Nice little animation, definitely gave Madness a more humorous and cinematic feel! I loved the references to the animations. Good job on this one!

Good, but it can use more frames/movement. Otherwise, nice little animation.

7henderGames responds:

my animation is a litlle diffrent lol

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